This is BBC – British Blooper Corporation

Oh. my. god. This is hilarious!

Background: A BBC news programme invited Guy Kewney, trademark law expert, to comment on a landmark Apple decision. A stupid research assistant mistakenly took Guy Goma, a taxi driver (who happened to apply for a job at BBC that day) for the other Guy (the expert). Watch the rest of the video and die laughing 🙂

I don't know which is funnier. That Guy or this guy. LOL


4 thoughts on “This is BBC – British Blooper Corporation

  1. In fairness, yung una parang understandable ha. kasi language barrier chuvanes. if it werent for the briefing that he’s a taxi driver, mejo he can get away with it. yung kay michael ang unforgivable. Parang gusto ko mag-apply na reporter. hahahaha!

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