Phil. Idol Judges, what the?

Philippine Idol, you disappoint me. First your age limit is so… limiting (LOL), now your roster of judges is… how should I say it… blech.Francis M.jpg

I don’t know where Metroblogging Manila got their info, but it says there that the judges for Philippine Idol will be composed of Ryan Cayabyab (announced months ago), Pilita Corrales (huwat?) and Francis M. (WTF?!).

Okay, Pilita I can live with. Considering she hosted ang Bagong Kampeon eons ago, but Francis M.?

I don’t think he will be the equivalent of Randy Jackson, because the way I look at it is that he’s the male equivalent of Paula Abdul. Walang talent (you call his rapping, talent?), walang career. Idol will hopefully do the trick of reviving his long lost glory.

Lame choice Idol, lame choice.


10 thoughts on “Phil. Idol Judges, what the?

  1. Oh my, how laos can you get.

    Pilita: Dated.
    Ryan: Sige na pwede na.
    Francis M: Er…

    Ngayon palang nalalaosan na ako sa P. Idol ha!!! Parang hindi nabibigyan ng respeto ang franchise ng American Idol!

  2. Di ba? Sabi ko nga sa earlier posts ko pwede na si Verni Varga eh, then they get some composer guy like Vehnee Saturno or another male singer. Kakainis talagaaah!

  3. i had the horror of being judged by ryan cayabyab…years ago when i was a member of our high school glee club, he was one of the judges in a singing competition we joined, and we lost…hahaha i think he is a good judge, or else nanalo sana kami! 😀

  4. hwaaat??? punyeta. tutoo ba ito? anak ng pitong kuba naman o! okay na nga na nanjan ang dalawang ryan eh. sira ulo. basta ako bwisit na bwisit na hindi ako makapag-audition talaga. may sched pa naman on June 2 sa SM Sta. Rosa.

  5. I don't know, ABC 5 has done a pretty decent job the past months, but they actually suck with these things. What's their criteria for choosing these other judges? I remember their other franchises na gameshow, ang lame lame din ng mga napiling host, remember rustom for wheel of fortune and ogie alcasid sa family feud. C'mon ABC, ang yaman ng boss nyo eh, can't you pay better people for the job? 

  6. yeah…they should have chosen somebody younger than pilita…no offense, she is a remarkable singer but….haayyy…kakawalang gana tuloy manuod…and francis m. is what? a hole in the wall…that’s what he is…kainis na choices…inde pa pedeng si ryan cayabyab na lang?

  7. dylan – other people will do a better job. dami daming magaling na tao dyan. yung totoong may talent at karapatang mag judge.

    ade – lokohan na naman ba ito?

    anna – buhay na pala si ryan cayabyab nung nag high school ka? hahahahahah

  8. Salamat sa updates ninyo. We are not getting much feedback otherwise. It is interesting to know that the Philippines is running a show for their future artists.
    Masyadong masaya yong mga antics ng presenters ninyo. i like it. i laugh a lot about their tactless comments. Unfair criticisms or brutal say about the singers. Ay!
    Keep mesmerising us with those antics, they make show business real fun.

    And Pilita, we’e met her here in Ozland. we even attended her concert with my brother the emcee. Maalala ko kaya? Definitely. it’s over 30 odd years since we left PI.

    God bless you Phil Idol. Carry on.

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