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How well do you know your husband/wife/partner? What will you do if you find out that you hardly know the person you love? How will you handle the truth?

I love this book by Anita Shreve, which, by the way, was given to me by Bridget. I don't know his motivation other than to freak me out and give me subliminal messages. As in "read between the lines." 😛

Kidding aside, I love the way the author described the inner turmoils of the main character Kathryn, the pilot's wife.

The story revolves around her emotional, physical and psychological struggle after receiving the news of the plane crash of which her husband was the pilot. Immediately after the shocking news, she's confronted with bits and pieces of information that just didn't fit; numbers and names on scraps of paper, the cockpit voice recoder apparently revealing disturbing things that happened in her husband's last moments alive, and the airline's refusal to release the information she needs to find closure. But more than that, she finds out that she hardly knew the person she's been married to for many years.

Intriguing? Anyway, I'm not a writing expert, so I will not get into the nitty gritty of her writing style, suffice it to say that I think that the writer was a bit struggling to sustain the passion and emotion in the first part of the novel, which was slowly losing steam even before the revelations. A good read pa rin. Recommended to you guys out there with husbands, wives, boy/girlfriends.

After you’re through reading, the question “How well do I know my partner?” will haunt you. Promise. 😉


6 thoughts on “Just read…

  1. ive read it years ago, and it scared me out of my wits. he being a perfect partner and all…who would have thought?! but then life has always been like that, sabi nga still waters run deep…we cant be so smug about the seeming perfection of our everyday life. i love anita shreve, and i thank oprah for including this book in her list. try reading sue monk kid’s “the mermaid chair” or “the secret life of bees” i’m sure youll like them. have a good day, jher! hugs!

  2. toni – sobra! hahahahah

    ajay – bridget gave it to me as a gift. sweet and creepy if you ask me. joke! 😛

    anna – uy thanks for your recommendations, will look it up. mwah! 😀

  3. hhi! i actually love anita shreve! the first book of hers that i read is Weight of Water. I love Fortune’s Rock. have you read that already?

    i have actually been trying to find The Pilot’s Wife, but I don’t know why Powerbooks still doesn’t have it. maybe i’ll check again this weekend.

  4. hi vina! hmmm lucky bridget got the book from booksale. I dont know why some people sell their books, but thats their loss. Hehehehehe. Thanks for the visit!

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