protest.jpgYesterday was the opening day of classes. I was actually surprised that we didn’t go through hell on our way to work. The traffic was manageable. Kunsabagay, the number coding scheme is back again for the whole of the metro which was, I think, not as effective when it was lifted during the summer months because every darn vehicle got their heyday in the streets. No wonder the Republic of Makati didn’t go with the flow and defied MMDA (among other things).

Today, as I was looking outside my bus window en route to Buendia, I saw a couple of paper posters plastered along the walls of buildings and posts which basically says “Sigaw ng Bayan! Yes to Cha-Cha! GMA Forever!” Did this actually come from the Sigaw ng Bayan pro-chacha group? I’m quite doubtful of the posters' origin because this will obviously backfire. The obvious criticism about charter change is that GMA wants to have the charter changed so she will be Prime Minister in perpetuity.

I think malicious groups are the ones behind this hoping to tarnish the already tarnished image of the pro-chacha advocates. And I only saw the posters in the Makati area (an opposition bailiwick), so far.

I wonder what the other pro and anti-gma groups would have to say about this.

What’s funnier (or weirder) is that some looney person painstakingly wrote phrases on the posters denouncing the messages written there. Somewhere along the lines of “Edukasyon at Silid-aralan ang kailangan, hindi Cha-cha!” He got to write to about 10 or so posters along Buendia and finally gave up, ran out of steam or ink, probably.

I will have to get a picture of that poster and put it here.

Silly people and their silly political games.


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