Why I believe Pacman will lose


Okay. Down with the jungle bolos, arnis sticks and the magnum. I will just play the devil’s advocate and smack you fanatics out of your hypnosis.

Here’s why I believe he will lose against… who’s the guy again? Larios?

  1. He has a sore thumb from all that unlimited texting.
  2. He has gained so much weight from eating Magnolia ice cream and chicken mcdo, paksiw cooked using datu puti vinegar and Dolly Tuna.
  3. He has a damaged liver from taking Alaxan for 11 years.
  4. He will be drunk come fight day from drinking all that SMB.
  5. His brother Bobby hid all his Darlington (or was it burlington?) socks.
  6. He will have a sore throat from an evening of endless singing via the Magic Sing.
  7. His No Fear briefs will be too tight.
  8. Jericho Rosales will fight in his behalf.

You know, I really want Manny to win, but seeing his mug all over the place is starting to make me nauseous. 


6 thoughts on “Why I believe Pacman will lose

  1. weeeell, thank you for speaking on my behalf. i was afraid i was the only pinoy who didn’t want him to win. not for the reasons you gave though, but i just love to side on the underdog…

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