Bula ng Bula

My entry for Bare Naked Media for this week is “Bula ng Bula”.

I’m sorry If I haven’t updated this here blog of mine (naks kinda southern ang dating). I guess when I have to blog something about the media it will go to the other blog.

Bridget is sick, may UTI yata. Pagaling ka my love.

I will be gone for the rest of the week because we’ll be facilitating a training session for our project partners. Hey, I have to take care of my work unless I want to end up jobless. 😛

See you all next time!


3 thoughts on “Bula ng Bula

  1. Another well-written article. Wag mo kalimutan dito!!! Hehehe. Please send my regards to Bridget. Painumin mo siya ng maraming cranberry juice! Pampagaling daw ng UTI!

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