Ad Barrage, Extended and Delayed

Poor people like moi who had to watch the Pacquiao vs. Larios fight on ABS-CBN, had to go through hell watching the ultra-delayed and super-extended coverage of the fight. I’m sure by the time round 1 started, half of the world on pay-per-view and TFC have already known the result.

Not only that, we had to go through all those darn ads (mostly Pacquiao’s sponsors). Sure, the fight was exciting, and eventually Pacman won, but for crying out loud, I am just 2 seconds away from getting an atchara because naumay ako sa pagmumukha ni Pacquiao.

I was also 2 seconds away from wishing he’d lose so that all those darn sponsorships will stop and he’d be slapped back to reality.

Of course he eventually won and everyone’s happy, most specially the sponsors, promoters, ABS-CBN and Manny himself. Mayaman na naman ang mga mokong.

Here’s to more ads with Pacman’s mug all over the place. Till the next ad congress este Pacman fight.

Oh and will somebody just tell him to stick to boxing and stop singing?


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