Is there such a thing or a person in our country? People are so high with the success of Manny that we should re-name our country Republic of Pacquiao. Pinoys will be called Pacmen, and pinays will be called Pacwomen. Pag bading, Pac-la, pag tomboy, Jinkyboy.

Not surprisingly, some are not so impressed with Pacman and his antics (aka product endorsements) lately, which culminated in the Manny-a-money este Mano-a-mano extravanganza last Sunday.

I have previously stated why Manny would have lost to Larios. But he didn’t. Still not impressed though. But it was fun to watch at the very least.

Snglguy says hohum.

Iloilo City boy thinks pacman is getting greedy.

Professional Heckler has this to say.

Marocharim thinks that he’s going to die if he boycotts any of Pacquiao’s product endorsements.

Manny, ang laban mo ay hindi laban ng lahat kundi laban ng iyong wallet at bank account. You didn’t reach the 12th round because you wanted to give the audience a show, but because you have been complacent and you didn’t practice enough to even defeat Larios in 6 rounds. You will also rake in more money if the ads poured in for the duration of the whole fight. Congrats, you won.

Now let’s go back to reality and go on with our lives.


5 thoughts on “Anti-Pacman

  1. i have a reply to your entry on my blog. 🙂

    btw: if you read TMX long enough, you may know that:

    a) i write in ironic terms;

    b) i have challenged manny pacquiao to a boxing match.

    like you, i’m anti-manny pacquiao.

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