Knowing me, knowing you.

Here’s what you asked for Toni.

1. Write something random about me. – I think you have a cute husband. 😛

2. Challenge me to try something. – Sing your favorite song, record it, and do a podcast. Heheheh 😀

3. Pick a color that you associate with me. – Mint green?

4. Write something you like about me. – You are a very creative person, by the looks of things you do on your blog.

5. Share your first/clearest memory of me. – Honestly, my memory of you just whizzed by. LOL. Hmmm… I clearly remember how your Southpark character looksl ike.

6. Tell me what animal I remind you of. – A puppy. 🙂


Now for the rest of you out there, do the same for me mmmkay? Post it in your blog, then I’ll do the same in the comments. Basta do it. Or else. *evil grin*


One thought on “Knowing me, knowing you.

  1. 1. You are maalaga with Bridget.
    2. I challenge you to write about the first time you realized you loved Bridget.
    3. Dark blue. Mysterious.
    4. I like that you’re easy to get along with. Naks! Kahit di pa nagmimeet!
    5. I think I came upon your blog through random WordPress bloghopping and then ta-da! I realized you were from Manila so comment naman ako agad.
    6. You remind me of a sheep dog. You know, the one that takes care of the sheep and watches over them? I think that’s how you are as a person. You look a bit aloof but you care deeply.

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