Vice Pacman?

pacquiao.jpegOh my. Manny Pacquiao is running for Vice Mayor of Manila? If this is true, Manny should brace for the bashing frenzy.

Remember FPJ? He was well-loved and respected before he decided to run for the presidency. During the campaign he had to go through all the character attacks: his capacity to run the country because he is just an actor, his educational attainment, his links with Erap and his children from other women.

Baka naman akala ni Manny this is another product endorsement? 😛

Simula pa lang ng boxing!


4 thoughts on “Vice Pacman?

  1. is this for real? if so, then i’m gonna lose my respect for him. and if he wins, it just shows how powerful illiterate & uneducated voters are in the Phils. and if he does run for Vice-Mayor of Manila, i’m sure its just a stepping stone for something bigger. darn you Manny! just go and concentrate on boxing!

  2. ano ba yan? baka in the end tumakbo pa ng senator yan or presidente…what the hell is happening to our country? sometimes, feeling ko wala ng hope! waaah…

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