Choco warning

News articles have been posted warning consumers in Europe of the contamination of Cadbury chocolates with a rare strain of salmonella. The products have been taken off the shelves but they might find their way into the asian market.

View the following articles below:

Buti na lang di ko masyadong type ang Cadburry. 😛


4 thoughts on “Choco warning

  1. Jher, thanks for the warning. Chocoholics like me have to be careful because Cadbury is actually on sale in my supermarket right now, and for all I know, it’s because of this warning.

    ps. Yep, you do look like John Seda.. and who does Bridget look like? (Oh, I forgot, Bridget..wink)

  2. Hi dinna – better safe than sorry di ba? hehehe. And thanks, at least confirmed na magkamukha kami. 🙂

    Lani – hahahaha talaga?

    Jane – too bad indeed. 😛

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