The Ex Files


The X Files

This is a post of a drama queen. So if you abhor drama queens, leave now.


Bridget has posted a rather interesting entry on the one that got away.

This post, in all honesty, has caused me undue stress, especially when I was asked by Bridget (would you imagine?) to post it for him because he’s having some problems with the format of the pictures.

Anyway, I don’t know if I over-reacted, but I really felt bad when I read about the post, and with matching pictures to rub it in. I mean, this is a person from his past, heck she’s as history as the Pleistocene period. And yet here I am like a teenage drama queen ranting to Bridget how hurt I felt.

Why? Because she was tagged by Bridget the ONE that got away. Major OUCH.

What does that make of me? Or the ones that followed after this episode? Are we to be referred to as “The Others”? Or “The Anothers?”

Clearly I was distressed. I can no longer be the ONE because another person already has that title, although she got away or something.

After serious thinking (and a profusion of sorrys from Bridget), I mustered the strength and the computer skills to post that entry. And by the looks of things it’s getting rave reviews. I hate them. Kidding.

Why did I do it? Certainly, not for the sheer joy of putting salt on my wounds. I posted Bridget’s entry because I need to prove to myself that I have nothing to fear. I posted it because I believe Bridget truly loves me and that the past will not come back to haunt us and put our perfect world in disarray.

I can never be truly happy with Bridget if I continue to fear from the past or even the future. I will have to take care of the NOW, because that is all that matters.

So… any Ex Files story of your own?


11 thoughts on “The Ex Files

  1. Panalo ka Jher! 😀 If I were in your shoes, I would have told Bridget nagka virus ang post nya or whatever. Hehe. Baaad… Sabi nga nila, take care of the present because it’s a gift. Hehehe. 😀

  2. Ang importante, ikaw ang pinakamamahal ngayon ni Jerome. I know he loves you truly and he’s very proud of you.

    Ok lang mag-emo, ganun talaga.

  3. emote bigla ang drama niya! well, jher darling i think bridget is so secure in your relationship that was why he was able to do that. okay lang yun, you acted fairly..ganun talaga di ba, basta gusto ng mahal natin, we tend to do it even if it means hurting ourself…kudos to you, jher. you handed that well..ang sarap ng may tampuhan kasi meron ding kiss and makeup! 😀

  4. awww! don’t worry…there’s a better title than The One That Got Away…The One (ala Neo)! and i hope this is your title for each other now and always =D

  5. awwww, with time you know, the title “the one who got away” fades. i used to think i had someone like that until eventually i realized that he never was the one who got away because i found “the one” years later. i let him go and ta-da! no more ‘theone who got away.” ganyan talaga ang buhay! w/ time, nagbabago ang mag titles. at nasabi na ng iba yun kahalagahan ng PRESENT. ang sabi nga nila diba, take care of the present because it is a gift… choz. yuk,hate ko ang cliche pero totoo yan. the past, especially others’, is something we can’t change. but we can opt to let it haunt us or not. it’s our choice. i hope you feel better and that you get to talk about this with your bridget. 🙂 hugs!

  6. Like you, I felt I was THE ONE but there was someone who filled the tag THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY and it got to me despite the hubby’s assurances. Then I realized that I, too, have someone I think of as THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY but although he did get away, I wouldn’t trade my NOW for WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. Because it’s the one I’m with right now who means the world to me. I’m sure Bridget feels the same way..

  7. karol – ang evil! hahaha pero actually naisip ko na sya in fairness nag pigil pa ako nun. 🙂

    Lani – in fairness bumawi naman sya. hehehehe

    annabanana – dear hindi lang kiss and make up ang nangyari. hahahahahahahah

    jenn – i hope so too!

    bong – hahahah bakit mag rerecall ka ng similar incident?

    toni – im feeling much better now (ala the sixth sense girl) thanks dear!

    dinna – kaya nga nung napag isip isip ko na sya, eh naliwanagan na rin naman ako. how’s the heat there? grabe daw ah?

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