Philippine I-lol

Gawd! The audition episodes of Philippine Idol are hilarious! I thought only those crazy americans can come up with the craziest antics during the auditions but we have our own share of loonies. Oh well, with the government and officials we have now it’s not unexpected. 😛

The Manila auditions went okay, but the Cebu auditions were better, I think. Dami talagang magagaling coming from the Visayas.

Anyway, I’m excited at the prospect of a first transsexual Idol, Philippine or otherwise. I hope (s)he makes it to the final 12 just to give the real girls a run for their money.


2 thoughts on “Philippine I-lol

  1. Sinabi mo pa, iyan ang pampaaliw ko ngayon every Sunday. Super tawa ang lola mo at ang gagaling naman nila. Maraming kwela, lakas ng loob talaga ng mga pinoy.

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