My Kikay Kit

There was a time when my kikay kit used to contain so much (sometimes branded) stuff, but now it has been reduced to this:


Pond’s Facial Wash, a small tube of Close-up Icylicious, a cheap branded toothbrush, Eskinol Whitening Face Cream (may angal?), Johnson’s baby powder and Johnson’s baby cologne (Tumble scent, whatever that is) transferred to a spray bottle (para di naman obvious sa makakakita na Johnson’s lang ang cologne ko, gawd I’m so poor). 😀

Care to share the contents of your kikay kit?


14 thoughts on “My Kikay Kit

  1. Ooooh! Okay my kikay kit has face powder, two tubes of lipstick, one container of lip gloss, one Ponstan, eye drops, a rosary, a necklace, two earrings that have lost their partners, and two pairs of earrings that match naman. I took a pic of it just now after reading your entry. Post ko rin sometime ha? I’ll link my entry your entry!

  2. Magpapakatotoo na daw so here goes – Face powder, face blotting paper (imported from Watson’s in Manila courtesy of my sister), Romantic Wish body spray in a spritzer (at sobrang laki yung actual bottle), tissue paper, curlash, mascara, eyeliner (liquid or pencil), at least 2 tubes of lipstick (i have 3 right now), one tube of lipgloss at least, one eyeshadow duo, my multicolor blush which doubles as eyeshadow as well, foundation which I use as concealer, pain reliever, mints/gum, mini sewing kit (freebie from the hotel), a pair of earrings which lost one stud, my silver hoop earrings, a giant nailfile, at least 2 sachets of Equal..

  3. Okay, eto naman sa akin, 2 tubes of lipstick (pink and reddish brown), baby powder (what i have now is Petit Cheri by Sara Lee), Victoria’s Secret Love Spell cologne, mouthwash, alcohol, hand sanitizer, dolfenal, tissue paper, at white flower 🙂

  4. gosh, all you guys actually have a kikay kit! now i feel like it’s a crime that i don’t have one. but i just plop all my stuff into my handbag and that’s it…counted na ba yon? anyway, what i have are mints, Body Shop: face powder/foundation, cream eye shadow palette, lipliner and lipstick in one, lipcream palette, liquid cheek tint (napaghalata ba na nag mega shopping ako nung sale yung Body Shop ;)), mascara, curlash, Nivea lip gloss, Mac lip shimmer, hair elastics. eto pa kasama kasi to sa pocket ng bag where i keep kikay stuff…cellphone charger, iPod wires, thumbnail drive 🙂

    btw, i’ll link you up in my blog, k?

  5. Dinna – wow that’s a lot! buti na lang di ako girl i dont have to be burdened with all that make-up stuff with matching mini sewing machine. gawd! 😛

    Lani – ponstan kay toni, pain reliever for dinna and dolfenal for you. ganon ba ang mga girls may obsession sa pain reliever? pang dysmenorrhea ba? heheheh. may white flower pa, ugh i hate white flower lalo akong nahihilo don. LOL.

    Jenn – well you better get a smaller bag to put all that stuff there para di naman nakakalat sa handbag mo. hehehehe. sure link away!

    saka bakit dala dalawa lipstick? mga babae nga kayo! 😀

  6. my kikay kit contains: avon color trend pressed powder (pink blush), avon ultra moisture rich lipstick, cover girl eye enhancers, revlon colorstay lip shine, revlon color stay eyeliner, sara lee lipstick, avon lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste 🙂 i love avon products! 🙂

  7. Sinabi mo pa, Jher. Alam mo naman ang mga girlalu, before and during monthly period parang nasa limbo. Maraming masakit. Dati rin di ako mahilig sa white flower, aba ngayon feeling ko gusto kong singhutin lahat, dahil kaya 40 na ako???? 🙂

  8. tintin – official endorser ka yata ng avon, hahahhahaha

    dheena- maraming napapansin?

    lani – hahahahahahha di naman siguro, pag naadik ka na sa omega painkiller yun na yon.

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