Rules to be follows

I think these rules were drafted by our lawmakers. 🙂 (click to enlarge)
Rules to be follows

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9 thoughts on “Rules to be follows

  1. Got the message. For sure a lot of pinoys are laughing at the wrong grammar. But who cares, were not native speakers. What is important is that they tried to communicate in a language that all filipinos adore more than their own.

    In progessive non-english speaking countries, wrong grammer or speling is no big deal.

  2. Feeling ko si Anna ako at nasa Korea. Di ba sa Korea puro ganyan din. Pero bilib pa rin ako, gets pa rin ang gustong sabihin. Basta disiplina lang 🙂

  3. duke – oo naman authentic yan.

    lani – hahahahahahah ewan ko kay anna kung puro ganon sa korea. 🙂

    karol – mabulunan ka sa kakatawa 😀

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