Well, looks like Justice Cruz succeeded where his former articles failed to do: GENERATE READERSHIP.

I have no doubt that every fabric of his body reeks of hate and intolerance to the gay community. He just happened to be better at hiding it in his sly ways of writing, thus I believe his article last saturday speaks of his right to write but not to correct his belief that the public should be wary of the gay populace.

Continuing to argue against Justice Cruz is like talking to a wall, it will not move, it will not transform, nor will it crumble.

I do not have the writing prowess of MLQ3 to continously debate the issue with Justice Cruz. I will definitely lose in the basis of writing and debate skills.

But what I can do in my own small way is through my wallet.

Hindi kami pinalalamon ni Mr. Cruz to even remotely deserve what has been said in that article.  In fact, kami pa ang nagpapakain sa kanya. My hard-earned tax money, and the taxes being paid by my homosexual brothers and sisters, is paying for the retirement benefits of Mr. Cruz.

How I wish I can ask government to selectively funnel my hard-earned money on other things rather than giving a part of it to his retirement benefits as a former judge.

I can not stop paying taxes but I can stop buying the newspaper that pays Justice Cruz to propagate his writing.

I will continue to be a productive citizen of this country and I will do it in the manner to which I will conduct it, not because some old hag will only give respect to my brothers and sisters who act according to what he perceives as proper. I will be a flaming faggot if I want to, I will be a quiet, thinking fag if I want to. I do it because I have the right to do it, not because someone else wants me to be another person just to please his senses.

Justice Cruz is free to spread his hate writing as it is his right, and it is the right to the gay population to react, and counter react and react once more.

The gay population has its faults, as any other groups of people have faults. We appreciate people calling our attention to be better individuals, but we will call to arms to anyone who does it with hate and disgust. We are human just as they are, and we too are capable of hate and disgust.

I’m not making sense, but I am sure that I am still angry. But I will direct my anger somewhere, and hopefully my anger will make me become a better person than Justice Cruz will ever be in his lifetime.


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