It’s santol season again. Please please please for the love of big brother, do not swallow that smooth, sweet santol seed even if you are so tempted to do so. My uncle (brother of my mom) died just last week from swallowing 31 santol seeds. I do not know the exact problem but I believe it’s a combination of age, the sheer number of santol seeds, and blood poisoning. Mother is in the province right now doing her sisterly duties, unfortunately I wasn’t able to come with her to help her out.

I’m not too excited with the final 24 churned out by Philippine Idol. But that remains to be seen. The decision not to include former contest winners and current recording artists (na walang career) is a good one, though.


Why do I have the feeling that my signature is included in the People’s Initiative though I didn’t sign any petition?


Help! I have 6 fried galunggong left-overs. What should I do with them? I don’t like to do sarsiado though.


OMG! The original Charlie’s Angels are staging a comeback! Kidding. This reunion was during the Primetime Emmy Awards.

I have to say that Jaclyn Smith is still gorgeous and oh so natural. Kate Jackson obviously has to demand for a refund for her fugly cheek implants, and Farah Fawcett is… really old (though her boobs will have to disagree). But still…

Go Angels! (Click on photo to enlarge)


Photo nabbed from Rickey.org


Obviously I have nothing new to post so I am going to stop now.


9 thoughts on “Randomizer

  1. Jaclyn Smith = Classic Beauty!

    Galunggong… gawin mong fillet? Or sabawan mo? Here’s a recipe I know but haven’t tried: In a pan, mix 1c water, 100g pork fat strips, 1 1/2c dried kamias, 1/4 tsp pepper, 2 pcs pandan leaves and 1 pack Knorr Meaty Seasoning Mix. Dapat kasama yun fish sa pagluto diyan, pero since luto na GG mo, ok lang din naman siguro. Anyway, mix those ingredients over a hot pan till the flavors blend. Tapos…. in another pan, sautee garlic, put in the GG, then pour in the soup. simmer till the soup thickens. Ta-da! Sana masarap. I got it from a Knorr recipe card. 😉

  2. A family friend had a similar experience with the santol seeds. They said that the elderly, in particular, have a difficult time expelling them, so it tends to stay in the system and injure their stomach lining.

    About the galungong, how about making fish cakes? Or I remember Anna Banana had a recipe for fish lumpia in her corner of the blogsphere — that might work, too.

    Happy eating!

  3. Ganda pa rin ni Jaclyn Smith, she’s my favorite angel.

    Sa GG naman, pwedeng gawing sweet and sour, or burger patties. Sa burger, iflake mo lang iyong gg, add konting ground pork, onion, kinchay, egg and then gawing patty then fry mo na.

    Baka pati ako may signature din diyan sa people initiative na iyan, no wonder.

    Enjoy ako diyan sa Philippine Idol na iyan, kaya lang sayang si Marky (? i hope tama iyong name), iyong galing ng Valle Verde na di pinayagan ng mudra niya. Sayang, malaki ang laban ng batang iyon, guwaping at maganda rin ang voice. Simple ang pagkanta pero di maarte at mabirit.

    Yap, bawal nga daw ilulon ang buto ng santol, delikado talaga. Pero trulili lang, kailan lang ako huminto ng paglulon kasi ang sarap eh. Napanood ko lang sa tv na di dapat nilululon iyon at my mom called me up to tell me nga na wag na raw akong lululon noon kahit masarap. Napansin ko puro lulon itong nai-type ko, di na tuloy ako makalunok 🙂

    Walang problem sa pagiging mudra ko ang paglabas ng gabi hanggang umaga, ok lang sa anakis ko iyon. Pero di ok sa husbandry ko. Sayang talaga, dapat nakita ko ang kakengkoyan mo sa personal. Well, may next time pa, at magkikita rin tayo.

  4. Bakit naman dapat pang i-swallow ang seeds eh ang laki laki nun? And wait, did the xrays show na the seeds got stuck somewhere in the alimentary system of your Uncle? So sad po. Sana kahit kaunti lang para naman kinaya pa ng body to push them out. You are right. When one gets older, our systems react slower.

    Re GG: Gawin mong a la meatballs. Shred by hand para walang tinik, flour, pepper, etc and deep fry again. Better yet, while frying, prepare ka coco milk mixture and curry. Curried fishball, ika nga. Add potatoes and julienned red pepper. Sarap!

  5. Sorry to hear about the death of your Uncle. My condolences. But the enjoyment in eating santol is really the swallowing of the seeds. This reminds me to be satisfied with one piece.

  6. hello jher!
    first, my condolences to you and your family. when i first read this post, i really couldn’t believe that somebody can die from eating santol seeds….i dont really like santol, but i do know that it taste good.
    about the galunggong. thats my fave fish…i like paksiw na galunggong, tapos when they are 3 days old, i fry them..yummeh! simple lang ang taste ko but one of these days, gagayahin ko si toni, dylan at ate lans…sususbukan ko ang recipes nila!
    about the angels..hehehe look at farrah…mukhang loal na talaga! di ba she was the most famous among the three of them? ngayon halatang binatak na lang sya ng surgery! hmmm…i like jaclyn smith..super byutipul! but when i was young i used to pretend to be kate jackson..kasi she is the smartest among them.. 😀

  7. Guys thanks so much for the kind words. Naku kumplikasyon na kasi ang dahilan ng death ng aking uncle. Oh well…

    As for the GG, inabutan pa sya ng madir, so sya na ang bahalang mag repair.

    Kakatukso pa ring lumulon ng buto ng santol!

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