Philippine I-duh

When ABC5 bought the “Idol” Franchise, I was really happy that the perennially 3rd placer in the TV ratings game finally has a program that will hopefully make it a strong contender in the ongoing network war.

I hoped too much.

I have no doubt that we have the finest talents and we will never run out of singers. But the talents churned out by Philippine Idol leaves much to be desired. More on that aspect later.

What I’m so disappointed with Philippine Idol is how poorly ABC5 has executed the production. The production staff of ABC clearly lacked the experience in running a live telecast, as compared to ABS CBN and GMA, much less a singing contest complete with production numbers and a live audience. Come to think of it, did ABC produce any live variety show-type of a program before?

First problem: audio. Philippine Idol is a singing competition, and the program relies heavily on superb audio quality since it needs the audience to vote for the winning contestant. The program suffered heavily in this aspec. The audio levels are not consistent, one contestant lost his mic levels entirely, the audio coming from the audience is too loud, and you can barely hear the judges when they were saying their comments. Very poor execution.

Then there’s Ryan Agoncillo. He’s smart and cute and all, but very bland. He relied too much on the cue cards and tele-prompter, there was dead-air and he did not memorize the names of the contestants. And what’s with the Miss Universe questions?

The band is so so. Sorry Mel Villena.

And lastly, the top 4 finalists for the male contestants. Now I know this is not ABCs fault entirely, but this is what we get when we allow the viewers to decide the winners. C’mon people! This is a singing contest, judge them based on their ability to sing!

Sorry ABC5, but when viewers like me have already been exposed to the production value of American Idol, you can’t help but compare. Yes, there has to be some Filipino twist into the program but it just doesn’t work. I’d rather stick with the working formula.

Ugh, I can imagine Simon Cowell and his classic remarks… “that’s so karaoke”… “you sound like a singer in a hotel lobby”… “puh-thetic”…

Wake up Philippine Idol!


7 thoughts on “Philippine I-duh

  1. I stopped watching Philippine Idol after the 2nd round of eliminations (the Manila leg na for everyone). The editing was terrible. Dun palang, I got turned off na. I haven’t watched it since. I’ll watch it nalang when the Top 3’s final na, just to see who survived. I’m not even excited. Sayang yun hype.

  2. i know what you mean toni and dear husband…ako, i’m taking an optimistic stance, telling myself, give them a chance, maybe they will get better. i’m afraid for the judges because their credibility when things go wrong…i mean, miguel who slaughtered his performance with out-of-tune falsettos and jan nieto whose voice cracked when he sang BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER…oh, dear…

  3. Same with toni, I stopped watching Philippine Idol after the eliminations. I hope they improve their production quality. Sayang. Mahal pa naman siguro ang franchise ng Idol.

  4. I’m still watching Philippine Idol. But yes, i’m also disappointed with ABC-5. Iba talaga kapag sa kapuso o kapamilya ang nagpalabas. Very talented ang mga pinoy talaga, un nga lang kapag thru SMS na ang voting, medyo nahuhuli ang mga talagang mas magagaling.

  5. I’ve read in another blog amazing the production was if you are with the live audience. but the point here is that this show is more for the tv audiences. If you mess that up, you will have a big problem. No wonder there are only 300,000 votes. You divide that amongst the 12 finalists that’s just 25,000 votes per finalist. Some of the richer contestants could’ve easily spent around 15,000 for load just to ask their friends to vote for him. duh.

  6. wala na akong maicomment pa, kasi sobrang agree ako sa bawat sentence mo. it’s like reading my own mind, haha! =p
    mas patok sana ito kung ABS-CBN or GMA siya, because whether we like it or not, these 2 are really giants when it comes to viewership, especially for ABS in the provinces. at gaya ng nabasa ko sa ibang artiks, maliit pa kasi ang market (in short, konti pa lang ang fans) ng PI, kaya madali pa maka-affect ang money-contest factor, esp since the landline voting is NOT FREE.

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