We should not forget…

The world is never the same after 9/11. Along with the prayers for the souls of the innocent people who lost their lives, is a fervent prayer for lasting peace all over the world, so that 9/11 may never happen again.

the twin towers


4 thoughts on “We should not forget…

  1. I watched Maria Ressa’s “9/11 The Philippine Connection” last Sunday. It was the best Filipino documentary that I saw. I am especially interested with Ressa’s concluding remarks:

    “The attacks prove the threat is real, and we need to understand what’s going on because we have to find the balance between trading in some civil liberties in exchange for greater security.”

    Hirap kasi sa pinoy, “if ain’t broken, don’t fix kasi tayo.” We have been complacent for the past 10 years that we failed to notice the Al Qaeda activities (that eventually led to 9/11) that was then happening right under noses.

  2. Many of the documentaries/movies/news reports about 9/11 have made reference to the Philippines as one of the havens for the people behind these activities. I think we should take notice and something has to be done about it. Although the monstrosity of 9/11 happened 10,000 miles away, nonchallance about what happens outside but orchestrated or aided from Philippine shores cannot go unnoticed. Something must be done about it, and it’s not just the US who should go after these terrorists but the Philippine government should not allow their sovereignty to be impugned. Sadly, the efforts to this end continue to be for naught.

  3. The threat is real, not just in the USA but here also in our country. Remember the Rizal Day bombing, daming inosenteng tao rin ang nadamay pati na rin sa Super Ferry.

    Kailangan talagang maging vigilant ang lahat laluna ang government natin. Ngayon pang nangyari ang brouhaha sa NAIA, at kakasuhan pa iyong naggawa ng security testing uhmmmm…

  4. When I heard the World Trade Center was attacked, I thought they were talking about WTC in Roxas Blvd. Nye. It was shocking finding out the real story and watching events unfold on television. The attack may have been political in motive, but it was personal for the rest of the world. A little piece of hope died that day.

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