A minor rant, if I may.

I found the comments section on my previous post We Should Not Forget surprisingly empty. Is it just me? Or we couldn’t care less or couldn’t care to remember what happend that fateful day?

Don’t get me wrong. It is not about getting comments, really. It is more about not getting any reactions for something that is more relevant than, say, a picture of one’s lunch, a pet dog’s new tricks, or a senseless meme.

Why on earth are my blog friends quiet on remembering the senseless death of 3000 innocent lives and it’s subsequent impact on the lives of people worldwide?

Are we really that shallow now?

Now, let me find that silly picture of a sleeping neighbor wearing a thong and maybe I’d get some reaction out of it.


12 thoughts on “A minor rant, if I may.

  1. hi jher! only got to your blog now and saw your previous post and this. just wanted to let you know, i did remember that day (i actually remembered it the night before) and i did reflect on it. so hindi ka nag-iisa. sana nga wish at prayer nating lahat peace on earth na.

  2. jenn – thanks dear. syempre yesterday i was watching all these docus and news reports and analysis of that event and kinikilabutan pa rin ako just seeing those planes fly into the towers. i just feel that whatever’s happening to our country now is directly and indirectly related to the 9/11 events, in terms of terrorisms, some of our lost freedoms, extra judicial killings, etc etc.

  3. Jher, thanks for leaving a comment on 9/11 in my blog. That’s where I responded.. but you are so right that issues like this may seem distant to Filipinos but should be an issue of concern. Terrorism knows no race or boundaries. It must be a concerted effort from people, otherwise, it will continue unabated.

  4. Cool lang, Jher. Yes, I remember 9/11. Hindi madaling kalimutan ang ganoong tragedy, sobrang kakatakot. Mabuti na lang that time nadala ng mas maaga around 6am sa isang hospital sa NY ang sis-in-law ko kundi napaanak siya sa kalye dahil isinara na ang NY area that time. Same day din siya nanganak na punong-puno ng nerbyos.

    Lahat kami shocked especially na may mga kamag-anak doon. Ang gulo-gulo, sa lahat ng lugar.

  5. I was wide awake the whole night when 9/11 happened; unfortunately I was sleeping the whole day when you post something about the tragedy. In my opinion Jher their’s weren’t a senseless death, cause that incident was such an awakening event not only for Americans but for the whole world.

    That incident made me realized that no amount of greatness will put off terrorism because even the powerful Americans can be destroy by it. But I learned that in order to root out terrorism is to identify the cause and the real reason why there is such.

  6. hiya jher! i read your previous post about 9/11 but i couldn’t seem to find the words to describe the sadness i feel bwt that incident. ewan, tragedies like these really make me feel vulnerable, scared, and depressed, and apparently, speechless. i just wish terrorism would be put to an end for good.

  7. Jher, siguro it’s because 10 million blogs blogged about 9/11 on Sept 11. 🙂

    But it was really a tragic event. I hope it won’t happen again. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the 9/11 victims.

  8. Easy, easy, easy! I just hopped into your blog today, di ko pa nababasa 9/11 post mo. Pupunta na ako ngayon din! Hehe. Ang puso mo! Isipin mo nalang din na minsan kapag mabigat at malungkot ang post, mahirap din mag-comment. Just because they didn’t leave comments doesn’t mean they didn’t take anything out from your post. Mwah mwah.

  9. ahahay. pasensya na mga kapatid, it’s the time of the month, kelangan ko pa yatang uminom ng midol. LOL. pagpasensyahan nyo na ang aking kaabnormalan. umatake ang pagka kulot ko. but thanks for the comments, really. Di naman ako nanananakot noh? Hugs to everyone. Peace y’all!

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