Dengue Alert

Aedis Aegypti

I saw a disturbing news clip last night about the preparations being done by Metro Manila schools to prevent the spread of dengue. So, the usual video clip yada yada with teachers supposedly showing the kiddies pictures of the mosquito, its life cycle and all that jazz. But what really caught my attention was when the teacher was given her 30 seconds of fame and demonstrated what she has taught the kids:

Teacher: Okay mga bata, ano ang ating kailangang gawin para makaiwas sa dengue?

Kid: Magsuot ng Jogging pants!

Video: Kids wearing jogging pants and foot rags (more like foot bags) covering their feet.

Me: What the?! That’s it?

Oh, so by that you mean, o wise teacher, that the dumb mosquito just bites the legs and feet and ignores the other exposed parts of the body. Great job Ma’am. You are a paragon of pedagogy.

I don’t know if it’s just stupid editing by the news team but wearing protective clothing is just one way of avoiding mosquitos from biting you, but if that is the highlight of the teacher’s dengue lesson, we should expect more patients afflicted by the disease. Duh.


Here are the recommendations of WHO on how to prevent the spread of Dengue and the Dengue-carrying Aedes Aegypti mosquito.


3 thoughts on “Dengue Alert

  1. well, aedis aegypti mosquitoes are low flyers..meaning most of the time they bite the lower extremities.. unless nka higa ka.. =P

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