Vote for them please!

I am pausing for awhile from my work to post this because I believe these two gals need all the votes that they can get. I am really torn between these two Philippine Idol contestants.

Here’s Mau Marcelo during the wildcard competition:

and this is Pow Chavez during the semi-finals night

Sorry boys, wala akong feel sa inyo.


2 thoughts on “Vote for them please!

  1. Mula pa sa simula vote na ako kay Mau and Pow hanggang sa wild card competition. Naubos ang load ko kay Mau pero sulit at pumasok siya. Naku kundi siya pumasok, wala ng credibility ang PI.

  2. haay, ilang beses ko siya try i view…feel ko sila jher! naiimagine ko ako mau..habang bumibirit sa shower..and yes, feel ko rin si pow..haay, bat ba wala akong ganyang talent? niwey, lapit na tayo kitakits…excited na ako! kumusta weekend?

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