Milenyo realizations

Yeah yeah, I know this is one of those Milenyo blogs. I’m pretty sure by now your ears are already bleeding from all the Milenyo anecdotes. I can’t blame you. We all have our stories to tell. I see photos everywhere, I hear stories left and right. Heck I even took a video of the storm (I’ll post that one later). But more than the amazing and scary stories from Milenyo’s fury last Thursday, this made me think of how vulnerable we are in the face of the wrath of nature, and how dependent we are on technology and its comforts that we will absolutely go berserk when they’re all gone.

My realizations:

  • Who cares about your latest cellphone model if it doesn’t even have a signal?
  • Who cares about the signal if you’re cell batteries are drained?
  • What’s your Fifth Gen ipod (or mp3 player) for if it does not have an AM radio to get the news?
  • Forget your ipod if your batteries died together with your cellphone.
  • Internet? Wi-Fi? What is that? I don’t even have power!
  • The lowly poso can beat the electric water pump anytime.
  • Handpumping water from the poso is good for your triceps.
  • The abaniko is good for your biceps.
  • The transistor can save you from losing your mind.
  • Cable? Is that the one you use to tie your house down so you won’t get blown away?
  • Paperback novels are a godsend.
  • Damn D-batteries are expensive! But you have to buy them.
  • What rechargeable lamps? Candles rock! (just don’t leave them unattended)
  • What mineral water? Boil your tubig poso if your tummy is sensitive.

Milenyo’s fury is just a reminder for us that when times get rough, it’s the basic things that will help us survive and not the fancy schmancy stuff.


12 thoughts on “Milenyo realizations

  1. Another realization for me is that trees especially big and tall ones were uprooted and fallen down by the strong winds brought about by Milenyo, while the lowly grass are still alive and fresher. It teaches us the value of being grounded, of being down to earth.

  2. Even if there’s a signal and the battery’s fully charged and the celfone’s expensive, if it has no load, what’s the point? I’m talking about myself. 🙂

  3. Oue ninunos survived and even became successful minus our tech accessories today. If they can do it then, I think kaya din natin today. Dapat nga lang laging may baon na flashlight at portable transistor radio. 😉

  4. Abaniko – ganon? wala ka bang sponsor?

    Emer – korek ka dyan. i remember during the typhoon rosing eh wala pa akong celfone nun kaya di ako nagpanic ng mawalan ng kuryente ng matagal. eh ngayon natetense na ako pag nagtitrip ang kuryente. hay ibang iba na talaga ngayon.

  5. I still boil the drinking water in our house Jher 😛 Glad we all emerged unscathed from the storm (though I had this silent wish na sana tinangay ang bahay nung snatcher na nambiktima sa akun)

  6. Leah – it took something like milenyo to snap some of us back to reality. in the end its not the just about the comforts, its about survival.

    lani – hahahahahahah lokah

    ajay – buti ka nga may bino boil pa. yung iba ni pang boil wala pa rin.

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