Vote for Mau and Pau

I’ve already mentioned in my previous entry that these two are my bets. Not only they have really great voices and they own their songs, but they are unique individuals.  They do not have to be great looking, they do not have to conform to what some think as normal, but they are simply talented.  Hope the texters are wise enough to realize that.

Here’s Mau’s performance last week. She sang “Minsan lang kitang Iibigin.”

As usual, only Ryan C made a sensible comment. Lame comments from Kiko. Ugh I hate that guy.

To vote for Mau, text Mau and send to 2339. Voting starts after the end of the show.

And here’s Pau Chavez’ rendition of “Nakapagtataka.”

Some stray notes, but better performance compared to the others.

To vote for Pau, text Pau (or is it Paw? Better check) and send to 2339.

Go girls!


3 thoughts on “Vote for Mau and Pau

  1. uy ang galing nila! yan ang lagi kong pangarap na matuto akong bumirit like mau..effortless! (hahaha asa pa!) anyway, pau reminds me of a cousin, magaling kumanta at pareho sila ng style ng pag-awit. haaay, kung nadyan lang ako text rin ako to vote for them!

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