Philippine Idol 3rd Eliminations, another disappointment

This was his best, and now he’s eliminated.

A shocking evening indeed. Prior to the announcement, the initial shock came when it was announced that Mau, Gian and Raymond were in the bottom three.

Reymond Sajor, arguably the best performer last saturday, was eliminated.

What is happening to Philippine Idol?

This is not exactly what Mr. Cayabyab has said last night after the results, but it sort of went like:

“We were just being Filipino and polite about it, but if people would continue to vote the good singers out, ano matitira? Kantahan ng nursery rhyme? Titira na talaga ako next week.”

I doubt if Mr. C’s future actions will even matter.

Can we blame the relatives and friends of Miguel, Jeli and Ken for sticking it out to their “manok” despite the obvious fact that they are of less caliber than the other finalists?

It is partly the judges’ fault, really. They did not choose the real talents when their opinion and actions still mattered. Now it seems that their efforts are a little bit too late. You can not stop the relatives from buying out all the pre-paid load and vote cards to keep their bets from staying in the game.

Philippine Idol can not bank on the viewers to choose wisely because history have shown that Filipinos base their choices not on talent, but what is nice to look at. Philippine Idol can not bank on the viewers to save the other contestants because, their viewership is not even enough to rally behind the true talents. The text votes are probably probably made up of votes from the contestant’s relatives and friends. The viewer’s votes would not have made a difference because they’re so few.

Is it too late for Philippine Idol?


6 thoughts on “Philippine Idol 3rd Eliminations, another disappointment

  1. The scene – I’ve read the whole article last week. Though I don’t know Jove personally, I’ve had a chat with him sometime last week about this post. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, they are just merely doing whatever they can to keep their bets in the competition, and by using all their cellphone load and texting, they were able to. Para rin lang local beauty contest yan na may ticket. Sino ba ang bumibili ng ticket para manalo ang kanilang bet, di ba sila sila rin?

    As my post has pointed out, this would not have been that controversial had the judges chosen the true talents. Nagpadala rin sila sa mga pacute antics eh. So the potential downfall of Idol is partly their fault.

  2. Alam mo bang noong mag-commercial break at nakita ko na iyong tatlong maaaring maalis ay magba-blog na sana talaga ako sa sobrang disappointment. Kaso ang lintek na ay hindi maka-connect. Wait ko na lang ang iyong entry dahil alam kong sobrang inis ka rin like me. Last Sat pa sabi ko kay hubby si Reymond ang galing, ang kaso kung sino ang magaling ay iyon ang naaalis. Kainis may dilang demonyo ata ako. Bwiset talaga!!!

  3. Was really disappointed din sa results nito when I heard he got eliminated, he was one of the best that night.

    Sana baguhin ng ABC5 yung voting system like read the cellphone numbers para 1 vote lng per cell di pwede pa-ulit ulit.

    Anyways pag di pa natanggal yan Ken na yan next week baka di ko na subaybayan yang PI na yan.

  4. Lani – ang puso mo ateng. LOL

    Ferdz my new crush – mukhang di pwede yung suggestion mo, strict sila in following the franchise rules. Hay. Sayang no?

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