A Hair-raising experience

I was not blessed with a great-looking head of hair. I was unfortunate to get my mom’s hair type: really curly hair. When you are growing up during a time where a Aga Muhlach was sporting that all gelled-up hair and stuff, you can imagine how insecure I got. Even up to know I envy guys with naturally straight hair because they can do almost anything. Whereas I would have to contend with the miracles of science.

To give you an idea how my hair looked like before:


p1170652.JPG pakyut-ever.jpg

Why am I complaining? I’m absolutely gorgeous in those pictures! Hahahahahah! 😛
Anyway, kidding and puking aside, it’s really hard to have my type of hair. With all these shampoo commercials seemingly catering only to the straight, black and bouncy hair, people like me really felt that having curly hair is a curse. Don’t you notice the upsurge of all these hair-straightening treatments they do in the salons? They cost an arm and a leg but heck people are willing to spend money just to make their hair look… normal.

And I am no exception.




I feel great. My pocket is empty but I feel great. Two hours worth of hair relaxing and coloring made me a bit cranky but it’s worth it. Well, the picture didn’t do too much justice but blame the photographer (me) and not my stylist. 😛


9 thoughts on “A Hair-raising experience

  1. GORGEOUS!!! You know what’s the difference bet. the before and after look — mukang mas naughty and sexy ka ngayon sa bagong hairstyle mo (bwahahahahahaha), pero ganda talaga.

    Mukang nakita mo si Sadako sa 3rd pic sa ibaba ha, at ang last pic mukang uhm,uhm,uhm… A basta, very sexy.

  2. Mi esposo–muy caliente…and i got to taste the new, hot and spicy flavor…(naughtily rolls in laughter)

    ate lans, nagbibiruan nga kami ni husband kasi natakot ako baka after nyang magpakulay magmukha syang taga-riles na parang in-oxinada ang buhok. hahahaha! at least hindi na sya kabuhok ng aso kong si chuckie. nyahahahaha!

  3. You look hot!
    He he he…
    I will be visiting the Pinas 1st week of Dec. and one of the things na gagawin ko is to have one of the hair-straightening treatments. It cost $500.00 here!!!
    Take care…

  4. Lani – hahahahahaha ganon???!!!

    manilenya – sabi nga nung nag-ayos ng buhok ko, pag nasimulan ko na daw mag pa relax, maaadik na ako. she’s right.

    Husband- mwah! labyu!

    Bernice – you’re right. it doesn’t.

    Lani from NJ – tenkyu! Naku tama ka di hamak na mas mura dito, kahit don sa mga high-end na salons.

    Jenn – thanks dear!

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