Philippine Idol Update: Hope Floats?


Jeli and Arms were booted out. While I rejoiced that Jeli was eliminated, I was actually sad that Arms got booted out as well. She is way better than Ken Dingle.

It seems that all the Ken-hating will not have an effect on his chances. He’s got the money to vote for himself, that’s all.

If he ever gets into the final 3 or even becomes the winner, that will be the final nail on the coffin of Philippine Idol. After which I will just go back to the better version, AI (so tuta ako ng kano, sue me).


Okay okay, not another PI post. This will be short, I promise.

In general, the show redeemed itself, performance wise. Judging wise, Luke was “Lukewarm”. I particularly did not like Mamita forcing Pow to wear a gown. It is like asking Ms. Pilita Corrales to not wear her wigs. Please, Mamita, don’t force Pow to wear a gown or girly clothes, or else we will force you to show us your real hair. Fair enough?

My favorites are Mau (of course!), Apple and (gasp!) Miguel. He captured the essence of the song and the theme for the night. Good work Miguel.

Ken was… how do you call it? Blah. So I’m biased, sue me. He was okay, but he still relied on that high note effect in the end to make an impact. I still would not vote for him and still pray that he will be out. Mr. C, I’m a Ken hater. I’m still here though, di pa ako tinatamaan ng kidlat. Unfortunately, this “better” performance will make people forget his disastrous Ligaya performance. Well ako hindi ako nakakalimot. Sabi nga ni Lavinia Arguelles (Cherrie Gil of course) kay Dorina Pineda sa Bituing Walang Ningning: “Binaboy mo ang kanta”. I will not forget that performance.

Finally, Jan. Mabuti na lang may pera ang pamilya nya. His performance was below everyone else’s. But he will be safe.

O yan, Jove. That’s what I think of last night’s show. Good, but boring. Maybe PI really needs the controversy to get the ratings. Let’s see if the results night will deliver the goods. Then it might be “I hate PI” once again. 😛


5 thoughts on “Philippine Idol Update: Hope Floats?

  1. uunga dapat gumaya ang PI sa PDA..daming controversy kaya taas ratings …. dapat turuan nila mga contestant tulad ng pagtuturo sa isang mababa ang self-esteem na si Rosita na manligaw ng camera man..o diba nagka thrill bigla buhay ni Rosita sa loob ng PDA..teka getsing mo ba fafa jher nanonood ka ba ng PDA? lol!

  2. “Please, Mamita, don’t force Pow to wear a gown or girly clothes, or else we will force you to show us your real hair. Fair enough?”

    lol. korek!

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