Sain Bainu!


Hello Blogfriends!

I am currently in Ulaan-Baatar, Mongolia now freezing my a** off. It’s around -12 degrees outside and the balcony I’m stepping on feels like a block of ice. The picture above was taken from the train station between the Chinese and Mongolia border. We were just waiting for the wheels of the train to be changed because apparently, the train tracks of Mongolia and China are not of the same width. Weird.

UB (as it is fondly called by the tourists) has a distinct Eastern European flair since it has been under Russian rule until it had its freedom in the early 90s. There are still a lot of Russian style apartment houses and buildings. I honestly feel that the Mongolians are much warmer (pun intended) than the Chinese. We will know for sure as we go along. We will be here till Saturday morning, and then we’ll go back to Beijing for a little R&R.

Biggest surprise of yesterday was when we bought some supplies at a local supermarket, the snacks/sweets section have supplies of Cebu dried mangoes and even Cloud 9 choco fudge bars. O di ba kahit saan nakakarating ang pinoy talaga. We also saw a bar where a Filipino band performs every Tuesday. Panalo talaga ang Pinoy kahit saang sulok ng mundo naroroon.

Although it’s -14 degrees yesterday, walang snow. Wala kasing moisture sa air. The sky was clear and the sun was up. But my ears nearly fell off when I forgot to wear the earmuff thingie that Annabanana lent me. Anna, I owe you tons! Bawi ako promise.

Anyway, I will just post the complete set of pictures when I get home. I think that would need a separate blog page! Heheheh.

I miss Manila though (kala mo naman di na babalik, sus) because my babe is not with me.

Take care y’all and I’ll see you soon. Kisses to all you! Hugs and kisses to my babe! I miss you sooooo much!!! Mmmmmmmwwwwwwaaaaaahhhhh!



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