Well we just got back from the countryside where at last I got to experience seeing and touching snow.  Kainis davah? Back in Ulaan it’s really cold (-14 degrees) pero it doesn’t snow.  At least merong konti sa countryside, the place is called Terelj, and I believe it’s a national park. I’m not sure, I’ll check it later.

We also got to stay for awhile in a nomad’s ger, or tent.  Very nice!  The pictures will just be posted when I get back. Promise.

In the meantime, I leave you with a photo of me (who else) with Ulaan-baatar on the background which I took from the balcony of our flat.

I miss you babe and I love you!



4 thoughts on “Lamig!

  1. Miss you, too Jher. Hay, naku kung pwede nga lang makapagpadala sa iyo ng snow talagang nagpadala na ako. O kita mo si hubby mo sobrang miss ka na. Cute naman ng pic mo, seryosong-seryoso kaya lang parang di ko na nakita ang tenga mo, hehehe.

    Take care, dear.

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