My Mongolia Trip

Yo blog friends! This is just a short video of my recent trip to Mongolia. I’ll be posting my China visit after I’m done editing. Teehee…

Anyhoo, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Ulaan-baatar and I hope I can visit it again during the summertime, where’s there’s more to see and the weather is more forgiving.

The monastery we visited is the Gandan Kidd and then we went to the Terelj National Park and stayed in a Ger, or a nomad’s tent and had a picnic.

Hey if you get kinda bored with the video (I know, lousy editing and blech photos) just  visit my flickr account for … say what? More Photos! Click on the pictures on the sidebar to view.

Next post, my China adventure, but not the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” kind. 😛


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