Congrats Manny for winning in a non-title fight against Morales. Congrats to ABS-CBN, you have managed to recoup all your losses with the millions worth of advertisement which made the people wait for ages to watch the fight.  Nagpapahinga na si Pacquiao sa Las Vegas, naghihintay pa lang ang mga tao na matapos ang laban ni Viloria.

At least hindi pumiyok si Sarah Geronimow.


4 thoughts on “Congrats.

  1. sinabi mo pa! buti nga three rounds lang ang tinagal ni morales, kung hindi mas marami pang commercials ang makikita ng mga tao watching the fight sa abs and solar sports for the remaining 9 rounds. torture yun!

  2. Hahaha… terse and sarcastic. I love it.

    I wonder if the numerous people who bought SM cinema tickets to watch the fight felt they had their money’s worth. Oh well. More money to people making money out of the money hauling Manny. I guess that’s why he was called that.

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