Philippine Idol Results: And I’m Telling You


And I’m telling you the bloc voting has done it again.

I’m sad to see Pow go. I’m sad that I didn’t support her as much as I supported Mau.

But Pow has opened a lot for PLUs. Ingat Aiza Seguerra, mas magaling si Pow sa iyo. Hahahahaha.

Anyway, what I’m happy about the results night is that in a way, natututo na ring bumoto ang mga totoong fans ng PI. After the performance night I really got into the text voting thing. Mau deserved every vote that she got and I was very happy that she was eventually saved.

For us real fans who truly support Philippine Idol, please vote wisely and let these three contestants be in the final 3:

Mau (she needs your help to counter the bloc votes!), Gian and Jan

Please kick Miguel out of the competition by voting for the contestant who is really deserving. If the other camps have their bloc votes ready, please be ready with our own votes of true support. WE DO NOT NEED A BOGUS IDOL.

Pow, I’m sorry I was not able to vote for you, but I will support your career from now own. Starting with your gigs, and then your album (you should have one!). Tagal ko nang di bumibili ng CD but I will buy your CD once it gets out. PROMISE.

I’m sorry Jove but I have to disagree with the Lion King opening number, it was uninspiring and quite boring. Lea’s performance, though great as usual, was kinda strained. She sang that song in one of her concerts and she sounded better. But hey that’s Lea Salonga singing so my opinion doesn’t matter. 😛

Please please Philippine Idol viewers and true fans, ibagsak natin ang bloc voting ng ibang contestants. They should win based on their talents, not their money. Yes it is not their fault that they are rich, but we should not settle for anything less. We need true talent, we need an authentic Philippine Idol.


I actually can’t think of a proper title. So let me just tell it straight up: I am telling you, PI, to please replace Francis Magalona, if not now, please do not let him be a judge next season.

FM (friggin moron? lol) is not helping the idol cause to generate the buzz and reaction from the viewers. His comments were dumb, anti-climactic, senseless one-liners that’s not even helping the contestants. The live audiences could not even make out what he was saying that they do not know whether to clap, heckle or puke. Even Luke Mijares who admitted he was very hesitant to be a judge did it better. Jove I beg of you, please tell Percy Intalan to sack FM for the love of Simon Cowell!

Okay, composure, composure.

On to the performance. Anyway, generally, the movie clips/videos were okay (naglaway ako sa dibdib ni Jan) except for Miguel’s (yak!) and Mau’s (neng buti na lang magaling ka kumanta).

With the exception of Miguel, the remaining 4 are very strong contenders each with their unique styles to give. That’s probably why PI started “branding” them: POWer Idol, Soul Idol, Livewire (eeehh?) Idol, and Hunky Idol. I forgot Miguel’s title simply because he’s forgettable.

Short comments on their performance:

Movie Themes

a) Pow – There are hundreds of movie themes out there and you chose that song? Tol nasasayang ang boses mo. Mr. C was right when he said that the video was better. But thanks for doing the effort to wear girly clothes, at least nagising na si Mamita.

b) Miguel – Binaboy mo ang kanta ng generation ni Bridget (lol). Period.

c) Gian – Nice vocals. You could have chosen a better song, just like Pow.

d) Jan – I love your video clip. Lea was right, your movements really looked “staged”. When your movements start to become more natural, then that “pained” look you have when performing may go away, then you will be a true Idol material.

e) Mau – What can I say girl? You are a DIVA. With the right packaging (just like last night!) you can truly be a Philippine Idol.

Here’s her performance. Power singing, lousy acting. Hahahahha

Thanks Starmometer for the youtube video


a) Pow – Lakas ng loob mo neng! Yun lang.

b) Miguel – Ano nga yung kinanta mo? I forgot.

c) Gian – This is your forte, we expected nothing less.

d) Jan – Same comments. Konti pa. Love the shirt though.

e) Mau – I love you girl and I voted for you but this is not as powerful as you should have sung it. To give you an idea of how Jennifer Holiday sang this, watch this video:

Mau can not obviously replicate (and should not replicate) this performance but she should have brought in the same level of passion. But anyway, I still voted for you Mau, I wish you survive this elimination.

Can’t wait for the performance of Lea Salonga.


8 thoughts on “Philippine Idol Results: And I’m Telling You

  1. Nakoh!!! Si pow nagmukhang kambal ni Niño Muhlach sa Miss Saigon bit! Sa lahat naman na musicals, bakit yun pa!?! Lakas ng apog!! Si pow lang talaga ang malaki ang bayag sa competition na ito! Nalokah ako kay Miguel at gusto ko shang sapukin ng handbak na may lamang hallow blocks at ginawa nyang pang-That’s Entertainment Tuesday Group ang song ng Bagets! Mau…..nice voice…..but I was severely disappointed sa kanya kasi di sha sing fabulous ni Shirley Bassey nor as angry and raw as Jennifer Holiday! Ay nakoh…Gian, ikaw na ang Philippine Idol kaya?

  2. Hello Diva! I’ve been reading your blog ever since you posted those entries about Yova. Pero true ka dyan, Mau is no Shirley Bassey or Jennifer Holiday. I still like her over Gian, though. Love your blog! Laugh ako sa description mo sa iyong Tranny uncle.

  3. i dont think sila ung pumili nung songs nila….the producer and the director ung pumili nung songs na kakantahin nila last sunday

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