Welcome Home Hero

Nice to see you wearing that cowboy hat, very Filipino. Oh, is that a Porsche SUV? And why do you have human flower pots around you? Oh, Atienzas you say? Who’s that gangster looking dude? Ah, sabit este chavit.

What? You will have a statue in your honor at baywalk? Is that the same as those statues that move when you place money in their boxes? Interesting concept huh. I thought only heroes get their statues, DEAD HEROES. So do we kill you now?

OFWs are heroes too, in fact they bring in millions of dollars to the Philippines, why don’t they have statues? Oh I forgot, you give money to the government too when you pay your taxes. Why don’t you be a true hero and give your money to the masses? Build a foundation or a school.  Then your statue will be in a better place than in Baywalk.  Face it hero, your statue is going to be Mr. Flowerpot’s trophy when his flowerpot son runs as mayor.

All this hero worship is making me sick.


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