Philippine Idol: Big Band Night

Mau, Bridget and Moiphilidol017.JPGwith Jove FranciscoI’m an idolphilidol020.JPGidoll-stage.jpg

First, I would like to give big thank you hugs to Jove and Noemi. Thank you thank you very much for the tickets! We had a super fun time watching the 4 finalists.

The experience of watching the performances live is very surreal, in a way. I can remember months ago I was just ranting about the Idol selection process, the age limit, the production booboos, the voting bloc chuva, and now there I was watching the show unfold before my very eyes. May pakinabang ang pagiging blogger ko! Hahahhah!

I love you Philippine Idol! 😀

Anyway, last night was big band night and all the camps supporting the finalists were there and have gone full blast with matching chants, streamers, tarpaulines, color coded shirts etc. Yellow for Mau, Green for Miguel (and Gian?) and Blue for Jan. I was actually wearing a green shirt (wrong color!) but I was screaming my lungs out for Mau of course.

Mau got the longest and loudest standing ovation last night. I really hope that her performance would translate into text votes.

I am still rooting for a Mau-Gian finale. Although based on last night’s performance, I’m kinda scared for him.

Hope tonight’s elimination will not disappoint.


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