Philippine Idol: Redemption

In the end Philippine Idol, like it’s more popular sibling American Idol, has succeeded in its tried and tested formula of sowing controversy to reap the needed viewership and votes. Can you imagine the silence that would have ensued if we did not get mad at the crazy elimination processes and the voting bloc controversy?

Did Philippine Idol manage to outshine the other “talent” competitions of the other networks? Maybe, maybe not. But I seriously believe that Philippine Idol is in a completely different and higher league.

I seriously doubt it if the other contests generate all this blogger buzz. I agree with Jove and Noemi that the blogs made PI more popular.

Pound for pound, PI has the better talents. Even the weakest contestants of PI are better than the best of the other contests. That is of course, just my opinion.

That said, I believe that we will have an even better PI season next year.

The Elimination

Oh the drama! We all thought Mau and Jan were at the bottom 2, then Ryan (you devil, you) reminded us that he did not say “safe”. He just asked the two guys to sit down for awhile.

Of course we know who got eliminated in the end, the bunso, Miguel.

It was a nerve-wrecking experience not only for the contestants, but also for the viewers at home and inside the PI stage.

I’ve just one complaint, the promise of Mr. C to make a song for Miguel. That was sly of you Mr. Cayabyab. Everyone thought you will make a song for Miguel, turns out you will just help him write a song. Nice play with words Mr. C. I’m not impressed.

A short analysis (and some questions) on the 3 Philippine Idol finalists:

Mau – Very strong vocally, but will she have a difficulty getting the “sosyal” votes? Will her humongous (pun intended) talent overcome the seemingly undefeatable voting bloc?

Gian – All-around performer, but needs more heart to get the masa votes. He obviously has that Idol package going for him, but is it enough to make him win? He may warm up to the western judges for the World Idol contest, but will he warm up to the Philippine audiences? Is his charisma (or lack thereof) enough?

Jan – His obvious talent is sadly being overshadowed by the controversy of the bloc voting. True or not, this has made a dent on the credibility of his position in the finals. Miguel’s bloc vote (also a rumor) has failed him this time, will the same happen to Jan?

The Soul Idol is my Philippine Idol

Mau all the way. But of course! Remember that she nearly didn’t make it in the wildcard round and she did not have the “backer” to sustain her, but through sheer talent, and despite the fashion faux pas, she made it this far. No bloc votes, no Lasalle votes, no Ateneo votes, no Unilever votes.

How about the gay votes? Of course we root for Mau. Divas support divas! But our vote is pure unadulterated support from fans who truly believe the talent of one Mau Marcelo.

Be it Mau, Gian or Jan, make your vote count, make your voice heard. Let’s send to the World Idol competition the best of the best: a true Philippine Idol whom we will be truly proud of.

Philippine Idol, congratulations. You are safe.You will go on to the next season. Heheheh 😛

See you in the finals!


2 thoughts on “Philippine Idol: Redemption

  1. I definitely agree with you, iba ang PI, class ang dating. Very talented lahat ng pumasok sa top 24 and walang sinabi ang contestants sa ibang katapat na singing contest ek-ek.

  2. Jher, I have already said, everyone who made it to the top 24 had talent.. it just so happened that there can only be one Philippine idol. Even Miguel, despite his youth, will go a long way. Perhaps it just isn’t his time yet. Good luck to Mau, and of course, good luck to Jan. =) I will be waiting for your blogpost on the finals..

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