Clowns and Trash

The pathetic railroading of the tongressmen to change the constitution is beginning to scare me.  Yes I admit “deadma” is the word back in the day.  I hate the opposition and so I didn’t really care what the administration did or is doing.

Until now.

Those sammababitsfrigginpowerhungrydictators should all burn in hell. If these clowns will be allowed to continue with their crime spree, we will all go back to the stone age.

I smell people power again, and maybe this time, I will join them.


3 thoughts on “Clowns and Trash

  1. fafa jher ikaw ba ito?
    mabuhay ka!
    sige sa street kayo
    manonood ako sa tfc at channel news asia
    madalas isang matinding asal-hayop ang nagpapagising ng diwa ng mga taong nananahimik
    ang mga kongresista na pinagtataguan ni gloria parang bumabalik sa primitibo na susuwagin ang lahat maging ang konstitusyon para lang maghari.

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