Mau Marcelo: Philippine Idol

Since I have no internet connection during the weekends, my post is obviously late. So I just would like to congratulate the very 1st Philippine Idol, Maureen Marcelo.

Girl, this is your time to shine, own it, love your music, treasure your talent, do not forget your fans and you will go far. I am so happy I supported you all the way. Thank you for your wonderful gift.

To the other finalists Jan and Gian, you are equally deserving of the title. There was a brief moment when I felt that Jan would have won it. I would still be happy if he did, but of course I am ecstatic that it is Mau.

I am proud to be represented by these fine talents in the world stage.

Till the next Philippine Idol guys. Congrats to us all. 🙂

With the First Philippine Idol during the Big band Night

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4 thoughts on “Mau Marcelo: Philippine Idol

  1. i waited for the time that this gal will really shine!from Star for a night until this time!Wow pa rin c mau! She is one of the talents that our country would be proud of..To mau, work harder and always thank God for what u have and lean on HIm for guidance and strength..Stay humble and i hope u always inspire people esp. to those who supported u! U r my IDOL!

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