You have accompanied me through all my travels this past year and a half. You gave me joy when I was down, you filled my world with fun when I needed it, my world will never be the same without you…

Rest in peace, my Creative Zen Micro… you will be missed.


Jher’s Zen (April 2005 – December 2006)

Now I have to save up for that iPod Nano. Ugh.

Donations (cash or in kind) are welcome. 🙂


6 thoughts on “RIP

  1. Hi Jher! Condolences on your Zen.

    I bought one of those IPod Nano rip-offs off for P2800 (1GB). I call it my uNano. It’s not as fancy as the real thing (heck, it has no click wheel), but it plays video and can show photos, is in full color, has games, a recording function, an FM radio, and a slew of other functions. Plus, it’s plug and play, so you don’t need I-Tunes to place music in it. For P2800, you might want to consider that as a less expensive option to the Nano.

  2. Hi ganns, thanks for sharing my grief. LOL.

    I actually bought one of those chinese-made flash players as a temporary thing, until I have enough money to buy a decent player. It’s 512 mb. Hope it will last long enough, kasi 3 months warranty lang. Hehehehehe.

  3. ade – hay. i’ve been paranoid ever since i bought that player. I have read endless complaints on the headphone port, firmware ek ek and the player just dying for no apparent reason. after a year and a half, it just happened. okay lang sana kung hindi lang gumagana yung headphone port, i could have used it as a portable hard disk, but no, it just went kaput. bwisit.

  4. That\’s the reason I never found a good use for an MP3 player. I was gifted one last year but hell, I hate having to deal with wires sticking out of my ears (and my pocket) while going to work, walking about,etc. It complicates my life.

    I like the ambient noise. There is always music around us.


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