Cartoons cartoons!

Hay nako Nastypen, dahil sa iyo naalala ko na naman ang aking kabataan 10 years ago. Charing!

I absolutely loved watching these cartoons when I was growing up. Seriously, I really think that these cartoons moulded me into the person that I am today. That’s why I am such a loser. Chos!

Sadly, they don’t make cartoons like these anymore.

My 1st fave cartoon evah… Thundercats ! I miss cheetarah.

By the power of greyskull!!! Love Prince Adam in pink. And the muscles, ugh! But my favorite character is Evilyn. Obvious ba?

Of course when there’s he man, there’s his twin sister, She-Rah!

I don’t know about you, but I love the carebears!

And finally, the smurfs! I forgot the name of that gay smurf with the mirror. LOL

Fun times!


4 thoughts on “Cartoons cartoons!

  1. GARGAMEL ng smurfs!!! WEEEENURRRR!!!!!! grabeh nacompleto ko nga ang sticker album ng rainbow brite eh at may strawberry shortcake pa na coloring book….heterosexuality did not stand a chance with me! hahahahah

    At fraggle rock…ano pa ba? karami rami!!!!!

  2. The gay smurf is Vanity Smurf. 😉

    My dorky friends and I compiled a list on PinoyExchange. It was substantial. 😀

    Happy holidays to you and Bridget, Jher! Much love from Nathan, Cathy, and myself.

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