New Year’s Revolutions

I was never big with New Year’s resolutions because like most of us, I don’t get to fulfill even half of them. So why am I coming up with a list now? Simple. I have to come up with a blog entry. Hahahah.

Kidding aside, maybe it is high time for me to come up with my New Year’s Resolutions to serve as my guide throughout this year. I say “guide” because heaven knows that if I make it into a “rule” I am more bound to break it. A guide is a more subtle way of keeping me on track.

To begin…

  1. I will go back to the gym – Lord knows how much it hurt me when I had to stop for a year because my finances could not even afford a daily gym rate. Yeah I was that poor. LOL.
  2. Try and be a bit more patient – The line “Patience is not my virtue” swept Bridget off his feet. LOL. But as a consequence we had a couple of imbyerna moments because of this non-virtue of mine. Hay. I said I’d try didn’t I?
  3. Smile more often – The first impression of anyone who would meet me for the first time is that I do not look friendly, or nice. I don’t know. It’s probably the permanent “kunot” I have. So to counteract that, I will try to smile more often, even if it dreads me because of the possible laugh/smile lines. Hahahaha juice ko form over function pa rin ang concern ko di ba? Basta, I will smile more often, even if I don’t actually look better doing it. 😛
  4. Save money – I don’t know how I will do this but I will do my best. The major obstacle with saving up is when you have nothing to save. Sad no?
  5. Be more fabulous – Ergo, dress better, take care of my skin and hair more, correct my bad posture, drag Bridget to more ukay ukays to get more fabulous designer clothes for 1/4 the price and act like I have the money. Hahahah ang superficial!
  6. Revive lost friendships – I miss my fag friends kahit di nila like masyado si Bridget. How can you not like Bridget? Yes I am talking to you. You know who you are. Hmmmm… maybe I’ll revive my friendship with just a few of them. Hah.
  7. Gain more friends – I have had the privilege of getting to know fabulous people from the blogosphere, like Jove, Dinna, Dylan, Ruby, Toni, Tintin, Anna, Ajay, Ate Lani, Nastypen and I have actually met up with some of them. I hope that our friendships go beyond blogging and into the real world and I hope to meet more of these wonderful human beings.
  8. Get a Physical check-up – It’s about time! I have no idea what my cholesterol level is, my blood sugar level, my blood pressure, nada. I have no idea. I might even be killing myself now doing nothing. This one I will strive hard to accomplish.
  9. Sing more – I miss singing (properly, that is). I used to get a blast doing my diva falseto-ish kind of singing but it has taken a toll on my actual ability to sing beautifully. Bridget has started to teach me breathing lessons so hopefully I’ll be half as good as he is. 😛
  10. Focus on my family – 2006 was difficult for my family but we still managed to survive. I hope life will better this year for us.l
  11. Marry Bridget and have kids. – Is this a resolution? Sounds more like a death sentence to me. Joke lang my love!

Happy New Year to everyone!


24 thoughts on “New Year’s Revolutions

  1. Pareho tayo mag-ji-gym! Soskoh ang mahal!!!! Magbebenta muna ako ng kidney bago makapasok sa gym! hahahaha

    Ayaw nila kay Bridget? BAKITCH?!?!? Bridget seems very nice based on the blog entries.

    Congrats sa wedding ninyo! Sweet naman!

    I am thankful that the two of you just passed by my blog and that we became blogfriends….oha kahit diva kaya magdrama.


    Nakoh….bibili pa ako ng leg warmers for the gym!

  2. Omg diva my new favorite blogger forgot to include you on my list. Stooopid me. LOL. Thanks for the gracing my blog with your diva presence. Hahahahah. Happy New Year ate! Ala bang pasalubong from Dubai?

  3. di ko maarok ang dahilan sa number 6. now about the money thing, ask your friggin’ boss to give you a raise, asap, or else kamo, may lalabas na sex scandal tape niya sa internet, circa, medschool days/90s. o-ha!


  4. if that was a proposal, it was the most un-romantic thing you have ever done. way to start the year! (two thumbs up) hmph… (walks out) feeling ko talaga ikaw si mark darcy who makes bridget feel bad! panget. diyeta ka talaga sa kin. hmph!

  5. Lintek na gym iyan, tagal ko na ring pangarap na makapag-gym, e susme himatayin ako sa mahal. Kaya itong house ngayon ang pagdidiskitahan kong gawing gym, say nila sa mga chuva-chenes ko, lagyan ko pa ng aromatic candle para sabay ang spa ng lola mo.

    Nakupo, ang patience, may ganyan bang salita? Wala rin ata ako niyan.

    At ganda ng #10, siempre kailangan invited ako.

    I’m so happy I met you and Bridget. Kahit sa blog pa lang. Oo nga pala give me your email addy at eto ang sa akin Gusto ko lang malaman ang cp# niyo ni Bridget para naman kapag di online, txt-txt naman. Si Anna di na makapagblog at busy ang sister natin sa bago niyang work, manager na siya.

    Happy New Year, dear.

  6. meron di type si bridget? sino kaya…hmmm. hmmph din, actually inisip ko boycott blog mo kasi di mo ako kasama sa list ng friends for christmas. che!

    happy new year na din. sana matupad resolutions mo.

  7. I like that “sing more” resolution. Gusto ko talaga ang golden voice nyo ni Jerome. Maybe you can save extra money by singing?? hehe. I just tagged you dear to share some secrets. Mwah

  8. Hi Jher!!!

    Good luck on going back to the gym! It must be difficult to start again but once you get into the groove, tuloy-tuloy na yan!

    On patience… hay, na-master ko ata yan this 2006. Ang tip ko lang diyan ay “Think before you speak.” O kaya naman magbilang hanggang sampu!

    Gwapo ka kahit hindi ka ngumiti! Pero masgwapo kapag may smile.

    Save. Hay, me too! Good luck to us.

    I like your “Be more fabulous” resolution!!! Love it. Gotta make myself over too. Losyang is on the way. Hindi superficial yan! It will make us feel good on the inside. 😉

    Revive lost friendships… agree.

    Gain more friends. Yes! I’m glad to have met you and Bridget last ’06. Nakakatuwa to find really nice people online. Bihira yan!

    Get a Physical check-up. YES!!! Tama ka diyan. Di ko rin alam ang blood sugar ko and others. Careerin natin ito.

    Sing more? Maglagay ka kaya ng blog na puro kanta mo. 😀

    Family. Yes, tres importante.

    Awwww on your last resolution. Suportado ako!

  9. Bakit di nila like si Bridget? Why, oh, why? I don’t like them na rin!

    Touched naman kami na nakalista sa mga fab people of the blogosphere. Etchos! Ikaw talaga. Puro biro.

    Yeah, you must smile more. I always dread the days when we have to meet up. Bakit kasi magtaray ka na naman. At least you’re smart and funny and that more than makes up for your taray-ness.

    Marry Bridget? Hmmm…ako na ang bahala sa flower arrangement. Sagot na yan ng Vatel | Manila. Seryoso?

    Re physical checkup, di ba ito required ng office mo on an annual basis? If not, maybe we can arrange something. For the medical, sa ospital na lang. For the physical, I bet marunong na si Bridget dyan – a**l at pag-check ng hernia. Just drop your pants and cough. 🙂

  10. toni – thank you thank you for being a wonderful online friend at sa pagsuporta mo sa aking 2007 goals. heheheh. sana magkita kita naman tayo minsan!

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