The pain… the pain…

I have gone back to working out last Friday after stopping for about a year and two months. I stopped because I have had other priorities in 2006 and it seemed like going to the gym during that time (and the gym membership) is not practical and will have to be put on hold.

Now I’m back to working out and I feel like I’m dying from the pain. Argggh!

Saturday was the worst day for me. Pure torture. Every attempt at moving is like being shredded to bits and pieces.

I feel much better now. However…

The pain… the pain… again!

Bridget left for a week-long training session in Mindanao.

I’m dying because I miss my Bridget so much…



Sorry Ajay I can’t do your share your secrets meme because unlike my Bridget who gladly shares his guts to the world, my secrets are too dirty for public consumption. Hahahahah


7 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Haha. Thank you for reminding me, I’ve been out of the gym for more than a month now. Hayaan mo sa umpisa lng yan. Pag nasanay na katawan mo you’ll reap your rewards. Pati isipin mo para ke Bridget to 😀

  2. Eek. I have to exercise too. I’ve been sitting on my butt way too long.

    Work out galore ka! So you’ll be extra-buff when your lovey comes back. 😉

  3. toni – i don’t think makakahabol ang workout ko to be extra buff by the time bridget gets back. milagro na yun pag ganon. heheheheh 🙂

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