Huff… puff… buff?


Disclaimer:  The image above is not me, but I hope to have that body soon. As in real soon.

Well it has been two weeks since I went back to the gym. I know it is too early to tell if it has an effect on my physique (naks) but what I did notice is that I am starting to gain my strength back, the terrible body pains I’ve had were all gone, and I am more energized.

I usually start my routine with a 30-minute walk/run on the treadmill. I have no problems with walking since I walk a lot. But it was harder for me to run/jog. With the treadmill I managed to just jog a maximum of two-minutes, then I’ll go back to walking (and a lot of huffing and puffing). But I still managed to finisha total of 30 minutes on the machine. It helps that Britney Remixes, Madonna, Linkin Park, Disturbed, System of a Down and Whitney Remixes accompanied me while I torture myself.

I increased my cardio activity because I really want to lose all the excess flabs I have around my waist. No point lifting all those weights if my babyfats (yak!) won’t get burned.

Anyway, I hope to lose some of the weight soon. I know, 145 lbs at 5’6″ may not be too bad, but I want to see a flat tummy. I’m tired of sucking my tummy in and pretend it was not there. I want my 6-pack abs to be rock hard baby!

Gym ulit bukas!


6 thoughts on “Huff… puff… buff?

  1. Ganon ganns? May reference point ka ba sa aking height? LOL. Naiinis na nga ako kay Bridget pag pinapansin nya height ko nakisali ka pa. Hahahaha. Anyway, okay lang yun cute naman ako eh. 😛

  2. “May reference point ka ba sa aking height?” Hehehehehe.

    Okay lang may konting love handles! More for Bridget to hold on to.

    Kapag may nangiimbyerna na nagsasabing “Kamusta naman ang na-gain mo sa holiday kainan!!!” Tinitingnan ko nalang sila at sinasabing, “I have learned to embrace my womanly curves.” Ta-da! Gusto ko rin ng flat tummy pero malayo-layo pa mangyari yon.

  3. Kakainggit ka naman, Jher. Ako heto hindi muna pwede pa-jog-jog at hypertensive ang lola mo. Kaya walking na lang para ma-burn ang sandamukal na fats.

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