Bus chronicles: The windy window

I was rushing on the way to the gym this morning so I took an ordinary bus. It was still quite cold so some of the windows were closed. I, however, opened the window beside me because I’m a bit claustrophobic and the bus is going to fill-up soon so it will get cramped. And warm.

A woman in her late 20’s – and I swear she looks like you Redjeulle – sat beside me around 15 minutes after I got in .

So there I was minding my own business, admiring the (or lack of) scenery, when I began to notice that the girl beside me kept on twitching, moving her arms and fixing her hair that it started to irritate me.  It is an ordinary bus and the place is space is quite small so she kept on bumping my side.

It was really very early and I didn’t want to ruin my day so I just ignored her. But that didn’t stop there.  She actually had the gall to get my attention and asked me to close the window so that her hair won’t get tossed around. Or I think that was she was pointing at me to do because I’m listening to my iFod so I didn’t hear her.  I just saw hand gestures.

I just gave her my “pinakamatalim na irap” and didn’t say anything.  I swear I thought I saw her face bleed. Hah!

Suffice it to say that I didn’t close the window and I just continued to ignore her.

All throughout the trip I was having the grandest time knowing that the woman beside me didn’t know what to do with her hair. I was totally ruining her day. I was so evil I was smiling at her pain.

When we arrived at our destination, she immediately stood up. Then I saw… right in front of my very eyes… the product of my evil deed: a gigantic mess where her hair was supposed to be.

Lessons learned? Take the aircon bus, girl, if you don’t want to be bothered with the open windows of ordinary buses. Or use an extra  strong hold hair spray. 😀


12 thoughts on “Bus chronicles: The windy window

  1. When we take public transportation, these are some of the things we have to be ready to put up with. If you cannot hack it, then you should fork up the money for your own cab. I have my own share of horror stories commuting in Manila from way back — I guess some things never change.

  2. Sana nag-scarf nalang sya. Alam naman nyang magcocommute siya edi nagponytail nalang sana. Hay naku. Para yang mga girls na naka-ngek-ngek shorts eh. May isa akong kaibigan, panay ang titig sa legs ng babaeng kaharap niya sa jeep. The girl snapped at my friend, “Pwede wag mo tingnan?” And he goes, “Eh bakit ka pa nag-ganyan kaiksing shorts?”

    Anyway the moral of the story is pagdating sa public transpo, all is fair. Hehehe.

    Walang sense ang comment ko!!! Kailangan ko na ng merienda.

  3. Toni – you made perfect sense my dahlin. Para rin syang mga girls na nagsusuot ng ultra low cut na pants tapos sasakay ng jeep na hawak hawak ang hem ng blouse/shirt nila para matakpan ang panty nilang lumalabas ang garter. Yak.

  4. Mana ka talaga sa akin, Jher. You know what kung anong ginawa ko last week noong sumakay ako sa bus? Eto ang story: May isang matabang lalake sa pang-tatluhang upuan na halos sinakop na iyong buong bangko at parang ayaw magpaupo kahit na nga malapit nang mapuno ang bus. Mukang pulis ang loko at ang nakakainis pa ay tulog (or pretending lang) para walang makaupo sa tabi niya. Alam mo ang ginawa ko pagdaan ko sa kaniya, bigla kong siniko ang ulo niya, feeling pa-innocent ako at sabi ko pa “sorry ha, kasi biglang umandar ang bus.” O e di bigla siyang umayos ng upo para naman makaupo ang mga nakatayong pasahero, buwisit siya. Bad ko rin ano? hehehe

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