Peek Pics: Gateway Mall, Cubao

Photos were taken last Friday when Bridget and I had our first date immediately after he came back from Pampanga.  They were taken using a cameraphone so my apologies for the quality. 🙂


Gateway Mall, Cubao

Trees on pots

Lighted trees on pots


Wall design

our dessert

 To-die-for dessert: Italiannis’ Chocolate Explosion 


11 thoughts on “Peek Pics: Gateway Mall, Cubao

  1. Nice pics, suddenly I miss Manila. It’s good things are working out with you guys. You’re the bestest couple we know. Super fan n’yo kami ng love ko.

  2. wohoo! i leave for less than a minute and when i come back, i see a completely different template. magic! heheh. great shots, by the way –> never mind that they were taken from a cellphone

  3. Abaniko – buti nga nakunan ko pa sya ng pic before we dipped our forks into that sweet, silky, divine cake. Kundi walang makukunang picture. To die for talaga.

  4. After seeing all these pics, I suddenly missed Cubao. Most of my life’s memories revolve there. This is the place where I found the love of my life, and the same place where we always hang out to dine and watch a movie until I came to Singapore. I miss you baby.

  5. Cubao is the place I always go when we visit and see my mom in Quezon City. I grew up in Roces Avenue, QC and it’s only thirty minutes jeepney ride from Roces to Cubao. This is the place where my wife Nini and my daughter Rachelle always go to whenever we are in the Phils. We wil be there again May/08 God permits if my mom is still strong. Chao !!!

    Alex Atienza
    Edmonton, Canada

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