At the gym: Apocalypto

I was so proud of myself at the gym today because I was so focused. You know… lift weights, hingal-to-death, sweating (and smelling?) like a pig, drank water from my ridiculously-looking orange-colored water bottle, and looked at buffed guys who, unfortunately, were not cute.

What was kinda distracting was not the sight of buffed and not-so-buffed men grunting from all those heavy weight-lifting, it was the TV, showing a pirated dvd of Apocalypto. Why on earth would you put on a movie like that inside the gym?

So while the guys were watching Apocalypto, I heard this conversation…

Kinda cute gym boy: Grabe no? Pupugutan sya ng ulo, paano kaya sya makakatakas?
Not cute gym guy: Baka magka super power biglang lumipad.
Me: (rolls eyes)
Gym instructor: Tagal na siguro nyan? Mga latino yan di ba?
Buffed-but-ugly gym guy: Yata.
Gym instructor: Mga taga Mexico yata, pero hindi yata lahat latino.
Me: (nearly faints)

Why Mayan gods, why?


8 thoughts on “At the gym: Apocalypto

  1. LOL. Funny transcript. If I was the one listening to them, my eyes would’ve rolled out of their sockets (sa kaka-roll eyes forever and ever). LMAO.

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