A taste of Bollywood

Bridget was in the Bollywood music mood these past few weeks and he has introduced me to some pretty interesting music. My favorite so far is this one, Achchi Lagti Ho, by Aishwarya Rai (former Miss World) and Abishek Bhachchan (her reel and real life boyfriend) from the movie Kuch Naa Kaho. Don’t ask what it means, I have no idea. 😀

Now I am beginning to love Bollywood, although I admit I’ve yet to watch one Bollywood movie. What I love about these Indian movies are the requisite “musical numbers”, much like (but not exactly) what Regal used to do with their comedies (yuck!). Bollywood music videos though, are on a completely different and higher level. Here are serious actors doing serious roles but are required to do musical numbers in each and every movie, even if it’s an action film. How weirdly cool is that?

Anyway, I found the youtube video! Hurray for the internets! I love Aishwarya, but I love Abishek more. So handsome! Sana lang wa sya smell like you know what. Hahahah.

I have got to memorize those moves.

Oh, and this is my favorite Bollywood-inspired Music Video, “Romeo” by Basement Jaxx. Panalo ang dance steps! Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “A taste of Bollywood

  1. Interesting. Ganyan pala ang bollywood! I have a friend who’s in India din and she mentioned something about this and me mga bollywood instructor din.

  2. Jher, they are actually very prolific movie makers so they have to be creative in order to earn the patronage of the movie going public. My mom painstakingly watches the Sunday afternoon movie feature here complete with subtitles because she like Indian drama, but prefers Korean soaps which, she says, are so decent and clean, even their love scenes are actually so harmless. But back to Bollywood movies, they are actually good if you mean to be entertained. Just don’t over analyze it. EnjoY!

  3. nakupoh, i love bollywood….asha boshle is the hottest bitch in the planet. hahahaha try mo i-search ang kuch kuch hota hei…mababaliw ka! Talo tayo nila, deng, may budget sila para mag-shoot sa mga ice floes ng alaska, tayo hanggang sa wateralls lang ng villa escudero ang kaya ni mother lily! I love bollywood….lalo na yung movie posters nila from the 70s!

  4. Dinna – I know! I think they make even more movies than Hollywood. I don’t need to analyze the films though, I’ll just watch it because of the musical numbers! hehehehe

  5. Good luck on Abishek’s amoy, bwehehe. The first time I set foot on India, the first thing that assaulted me was the stench that seemed to permeate the entire Chennai airport. It was overpowering. Nasa pagkain yata nila talaga.

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