Kanina, while on my way to work after my morning gym session, a not so pa-mhin na sister (as in bading) got in the same jeepney I was riding. Wearing only his/her short shorts and t-shirt na pambahay, sister paid his pamasahe while yakking away at full volume on his Nokia 1100.

Pagirl bading: Ay… graveh you should you know… (wrsh wrsh wala kwenta terms) where I work davah… Heller…

Me: (rolls eyes)

Pagirl bading: Kasi naman sa call center where I work… wrsh wrsh walang kwenta terms ulit… I mean you know…

Me: (tried to look for a blunt weapon- to whack him with – inside my bag)

Pagirl bading: You know you should apply to the call center where I work… (wrsh wrsh darn pagirl faggot is not stopping and everyone’s starting to get irritated)… para masaya magkasama na tayo sa graveyard sa call center… (Yah we know you work for a friggin’ call center!)

Me (talks to the driver): Eh maluwag na yata turnilyo nitong isang to.

Pagirl bading: O so you text me na lang or call me para I’ll help you out when you apply sa call center… (darn call centers bat di pa sumabog. hmph)

Me: (gets my iFod to block the irritating noise and prevent further violence).

Pagirl bading (reading a text message this time at full volume): Oh my gawd, this is so masaya naman… wersh wersh reading walang kwenta message… wersh wersh…

Me: (umiinit na talaga ulo)

Pagirl bading: Mama para sa side.

Me: At last bumaba din…

Drayber: Tang*** bakla yan ang ingay. Salot.

No wonder we get treated this way. 😛


3 thoughts on “Salot?

  1. had a similar experience at the neighborhood internet cafe
    there was this bunch of screaming types huddled around one unit
    they were chatting
    the one on the keyboard was the ugliest of the lot
    his pants was down on his knees (ugh!)
    and the webcam zeroed in on his bulge
    encased in floral bikini panties
    every single one used vulgar language, loudly
    screaming, laughing, applauding
    everytime the one they were chatting to
    a chest, a nipple, a crotch, a pubic hair, a cockhead

    and on the other units
    eight-year-old kids
    were playing ragnarok.

    i wanted to kill those slimy creatures

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