Yey! More non-voters!

Remember my rant about this coming elections? Not surprisingly, my favorite diva will not vote as well. That’s great sister, we should recruit more people to our cause. I love this part:

“There are those who say that voting is a right and that those who vote should be the ones to be critical of the government. Riiiight. I pay taxes. Even when I resign, I will pay taxes with my business. I am forever a taxpayer. Votes don’t give the public school teachers and government officials their salary, my taxes do. You think the pork barrel in congress came from heaven? Bitch, please, they came from my salary, my purchases, your salary, your purchases.

Votes give us moron candidates with power. Votes make these buffoons win and play with the taxes forcibly collected from my wallet. So, this is why I look at taxpayers with more respect than voters.”

Seriously bitch if you run for the senate, I will change my mind and vote for you. Hah! 😛


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