Balentayms pics

Pics from an unplanned Valentine’s day date. No food pics, good heavens. Just plain old playing around with the camera while waiting (and waiting… and waiting…) for the food to arrive.

Smile! No food yet.

Bridget is beginning to lose his mind. Where’s the food?


Belated Happy Valentines from Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones! 😛


8 thoughts on “Balentayms pics

  1. para talaga akong sira-ulo. parang hindi kagalang-galang. baka akalain ng lahat eh lagi akong napo-possess at parang may ADHD. ang hindi nila alam, the last picture represents my true self: calm, refined, subdued, introspective. (crickets chirp)

    i love you, my valentine! thanks for giving me our very FIRST valentine’s date. i super enjoyed it. basically because you were so spontaneous. (crickets chirp) hahahahaha! willing to embrace spontaneity lang. hahahahaha! wabyu, hubby wuvvy! (makes baby noises)

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