My High School Class photo: This is it!

This is really is it. Hahahah. Oh my gawd I am so nervous.

The horrific pictures after the jump.


So where am in in this mess? Look for the guy with eyeglasses as big as satellite dishes. Seriously someone should have told me not to wear giant eyeglasses and that I look terrible in them but nooooo. They chose to just be silent and probably laughed behind my back. Hahahahaha! Hideous! I think I can even trigger metal detectors or get cable tv signals with those glasses. And look at how thin and dark I was. Seriously I have to ask mother what she has been feeding me. I know I studied in the public school system but this look is beyond poor. Hahahahahaha!

I was in the 3rd year in this pic. Look at the hair of the gels. O davah tsunami kung tsunami eto. Ugh I still can’t get over my “addict-look”.


Now this is my 4th year pic. I’m the one with the encircled X. Hahahahahah. The other X’s are my barkada. Ooooooo. Mukha pa rin akong adik. LOL. But I got rid of the shiteous glasses, as if that helped. 😛

Thank God for little miracles, I look byooootiful now. Now I understand why some people (like moi) try their best not to look back. 🙂

So where’s your high school photo?


10 thoughts on “My High School Class photo: This is it!

  1. oh my god, husband! i haven’t seen these photos ever! this has been an “i-never-knew” moment. How do you keep the music playing itetch. pero, definitely nakita ko na ang isang pic mo na naka-sophia loren glasses with pink rim ka! oh, dear! well, glasses or no glasses, i love you…just as you are. (blushes)

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